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K. Dickinson, in Textile Design, 2011

If black is style and sophistication then colour is fashion. Today there is a less doctrinaire approach to trends in both colour and style; with the broader ranges of collections being tailored to a variety of fashion outlets, compared to the set seasonal looks of the past.

Black still defines a definite form in fashion; representing power and timelessness. Chanel’s little black dress, associated with longevity, exists alongside all the standard neutrals; navy, beige and cream. ‘Colour’ increasingly, however, is a vehicle that refreshes each season’s palette creating its nuance, brand identity and product.

Mapping trend/fashion on the Internet are style fashion sites, where the immediacy of the ‘blog’, creates a platform for expressing individualism. The ‘Sartorialist’ is such an example of a very active forum that has developed a cult for personality, the democratising of style and a means of identifying developing trend and colour choices. ‘COLOURlovers’, another, is directly aimed solely at colour and is the focus for comment and instant pattern interpretation. Here colour palettes can be given identity, individually rated and views expressed.

In production terms industry has responded to the demands of the market and consumer. The lead-time, which is the https://www.jonyclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=88273551 App link Jony app Plz like, subscribe and share my vedio聽… time it takes to get a product to market, generally requires palettes to be predicted early on in the manufacturing sequence. For the fibre and yarn producers, at the beginning of the supply chain, these colour decisions have to be decided on earlier in the production process and are important to get right.

Companies who follow rather than create a trend can control a response to the market through good communication within the supply chain and a quick turnaround of product. These can analyse their colour ranges, replacing or repeating colours as sales demand.

A shorter lead-time can be achieved through the dyeing of garments, piece dyeing rather than that of fibre, yarn or fabric. At this later stage it is much easier to read colour trends and follow this by a quick response to manufacture. Fashion brand Hi friend I’m go to show you how to earn money online Pls like Pls subscribe Pls press the bell icon Refer code =SARED2C3 App聽… Benetton are an example who produce collections of white knitted garments, initially dyeing only a test range to be sold in key outlets. Colour decisions can then be positively based on known preferences and sales.

As an investment, getting a colour palette right for the fashion and textile industry brings more of a tailored focus to brand and product identity. Trend prediction companies present colour palettes and trends in design up to two years in advance offering a variety of services from books and magazines to specific services relating to the requirements of an individual company.

Global Color Research? is a forecasting company based in London, whose focus on colour trend prediction is primarily interior related. The breadth of its business, however, permeates and influences fashion, as well bobtricks Best Earnings Game 20 Rs.Every /- 3 Minutes By Playing the Game. 0rs. Entry Fee 2020 and without investment聽… as the wider industry that needs to understand and rely on colour directions. They publish Mix Trends twice a year for Spring/Summer and Autumn/ Winter alongside a quarterly magazine. Their exquisitely photographed Trend books form the basis of the business and are designed two years ahead of the season they are targeted to, presenting generally four main colour themes.

Added to this business is a bespoke colour service for a range of clients. Justine Fox of Global Color Research? explains that their main markets are varied and include industrial, architectural, electronics, pigments/dyestuff, textiles and a wide array of product as well as interior design. In terms of fashion they look more towards cosmetic trimmings and textile dyestuff rather than clothing, though this is dependent on the bespoke needs of their clients; with many fashion retailers subscribing to their if you want join free registration link https://www.getmm.in/invite/register?key=91754137 applications update ho chuki hai baki sb聽…,https://www.facdorclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=48143138.,Is link se aap game khel sakte h https://www.facdorclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=00382706.,LIKE & SUBSCRIBERS 1ST NEED 1000 SUBSCRIBERS PLZZ SUPPOR & MORE GIVEWAYS ,LIVE STRAEMING (SOON)聽…,https://www.facdorclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=17688511 CHANCHAL CHANCHAL ANKHE#2019 TOP WEDDING聽…,https://www.facdorclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=84100886.,It is motivation all ajith fans and vj fans. https://www.facdorclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=43455033 This is earing web聽…,Subscribe my channel Like share command https://www.facdorclubs.com/account/login?invite_key=43455033 This is a earing聽… magazine Mix to obtain a rounded view of seasonal colour and trends.

Fox sees the colour stories as a progression from the last book:

‘Interior colour forecasting is more of a development of colour than fashion forecasting. We do keep in mind the season that they’re directed to in terms of the types of products our subscribers will be developing, but again this influence is less than in Fashion. When our panellists are formulating the stories, they’re talking about developments in colour technology (our panel members are all colour experts within their own fields and come to us from around the world). Changes in legislation, e.g. recent energy efficient bulbs change the way colours appear to us, what’s happening politically, socially and economically – these all affect the colour choices that consumers will make in the future.’ bonis clubs queenstown (Fox, personal communication 2010)

Fox also sees the colour prediction business as a mixture of intuition, obviously based on experience and analysis. She notes, ‘The market is full of trend spotters who are really just reporting on emerging trends, but we’re looking to take that information and project beyond it to make accurate colour forecasts that our subscribers and clients can rely on. The wrong colour choice is a massive loss in capital and can be the decider between success and failure.’ (Fox, personal communication 2010)

This emphasises the importance of colour within a range of products and Fox sees materials as key to colour, ‘rather than a promotion of the colour, they affect how we see the colour and the effects that create the mood’. (Fox, personal communication 2010)

Materials and colour are the exciting challenge for the designer to create a relevant design but it is the synthesis of the two elements that creates the product and the price of that product determines the level at which and when it enters the market.

Fox acknowledges how trends hit different levels of the market at different points, ‘We see it as a curve. The key is to make sure that you select the right trend for the right product at the right time … a recent client saw an approval rating of 90% in consumer research on a new colour and texture range we made for them. We can achieve this level of accuracy by pinpointing the trends to specifics.’ (Justine Fox, Global Color Research?, February 2010).

Simon Siegal, from the retail and contract Interior design company Atomic Interiors, Nottingham perceives new collections of colour ranges for furnishing fabrics in a similar way to Fox; as an ‘editing process’. From the extensive sample collection this ‘editing process’ is the measure of a current season’s trend direction, based on comparison with the previous season. Changes to key colours define trend direction; neutrals and popular colours such as red tend to be subjected to more subtle changes. An all round view of colour is gained from an understanding of how a variety of materials and products function in terms of colour in an environment. Atomic deal not only with a range of high end furnishing fabrics such as Kvadrat, Gabriel and Bute Fabrics; materials that are standard for architects and interior designers, but also upholstery leather by Elmo and Spinneybeck, plastics and laminates and key colours for chairs, sideboards and wardrobes by leading companies such as B&B Italia. This holistic view of colour within a variety of materials allows for an understanding of the context of colour within an interior, an important focus for the interior textile designer.


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