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Number 1: Ganesha says you will start your day with enthusiasm and positive energy, but you might drain out of power by the end of the day. You will be involved in positive thoughts and friendly conversations. On professional fronts, your work will go fine, and there will be a balance of power. If you are involved in the sales sector, you might lose a few clients from a fault which is not yours. You will be healthy all day long, but need to take refreshments at regular intervals. On romantic fronts, You might not be able to satisfy your partner today and feel low key about that.

  • Lucky Colour- Black
  • Lucky Number- 13
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Number 2
Ganesha says your day will be spent with your friends and family, and it will be cheerful. You might get a new pet or new clothes. On professional fronts, greet acquaintances with a warm gesture. You will prosper in business or work, and people working in daily wages will find the day website link for prediction聽… extremely opportunistic. On romantic fronts, your partner might surprise you, and you will feel blessed. Take a good romantic walk with your loved ones. You might want to rest as your bowel movement will be a little irregular, and you might vomit. The elderly should be extremely careful and stay indoors.

  • Lucky Colour- Yellow
  • Lucky Number- 22
  • Remedy: Abstinence from alcohol will bring happiness to the family, as it will increase the negative impact of Mars.

Number 3
Ganesha says you will have a day filled with joy and prosperity. You will be able to spend time with a new friend or an old one that you came across recently. On professional This video is dedicated to all my friends who wants to earn money through trading by simple methods Please follow the guidelines聽… fronts, it would be better not to involve family with investment and do not touch on your family property for today. Do not get angry with your subordinates even if they are giving you a hard time. On romantic fronts, you might end up arguing with your partner over sending money. You might also spend a good deal of money on buying things for your loved ones. About your health, you might be drowsy and be suffering from lack of sleep. You might find it difficult to sleep and want to talk to a psychologist.

  • Lucky Colour- Pink and White
  • Lucky Number- 17
  • Remedy: Pouring raw coal into the water in the evening can improve health.

Number 4
Ganesha says You will find it hard to adjust to the recently changed situations. Getting angry and annoyed is not the right solution and figure out something more practical. Nature will calm you down, and you will fary clubs qc feel relaxed. Take a walkout with anyone you find interesting and have juice or snacks with them and exchange pleasantries. On professional fronts, the work environment will be the same, and you might want to change the routine. If you are interested in doing something creative go for that and avoid electronic appliances. Invite friends from work for lunch or dinner and build a healthy work environment. On romantic fronts, be truthful and share your day's experience with your partner. Be comforting and understanding to your partner. You will solve a serious issue with your family today.

  • Lucky Colour- Orange
  • Lucky Number- 03
  • Remedy: Regular anointing of the Shiva lingam will bring prosperity.

Number 5
Ganesha says you will have a pleasant yaves clubs near day. Focus on your energy and make an effort to talk to your loved ones. You might see some surprises reaching out to you in your family life. As far as your profession is concerned, be cautious about what you do too. Recheck your bills and stay away from online banking for the day. If you are preparing for a competitive exam, you are highly likely to pass. Your love relationship will be delicate, and all you need to do is invest more time in it. Your child might get a cold or fever, so do not send them out to play. Get yourself a hot water bath and a massage.

  • Lucky Colour- Blue
  • Lucky Number- 24
  • Remedy: Meditate in the morning for an hour to maintain the balance and aura of your mind.

Number 6
Ganesha says the things around you might trigger casto club game login the aggressive side of you. Don't be carried away by your emotions. On romantic fronts, you might be surprised by your partner. Avoid taking an important business meeting and communicating with a larger group of people. Don't feel stressed and anxious due to workload and try to do one thing at a time. Make sure you don't get into a fight with anyone at work or home. Today, taking opinions from experience will help you a lot. You can face digestive issues, cut on spices and junk food.

  • Lucky Colour- Green
  • Lucky Number- 08
  • Remedy: Avoid junk food and go to the temple of Lord Hanumanji.

Number 7
Ganesha says Relish and enjoy your day. Take a long weekend off and plan a picnic with friends and family. Your family will be supportive. Try to make time and contact your friends you new colour prediction blog questions haven't talked to in a while. Focus on your education and try exploring new opportunities. Issues on domestic fronts will be solved today. On romantic fronts, it's a good day to meet your partners family and talk about tying a knot. About your health, make sure you stay warm and hydrated. You are likely to develop a new habit today but be very careful in making it a habit as it involves health risks.

  • Lucky Colour- Brown
  • Lucky Number- 12
  • Remedy: Worship Lord Ganeshji and recite OM GAN GANPATAYE NAMAH 21 times.

Number 8
Ganesha says you will have a long day at work, Stay focused, and not get lured away by enjoyment. You have been working on your project for a long time, don't give up on your ongoing project, and chances are it will fetch you good returns in the near future. Your love life will prosper, and if you plan to have a baby, this is the right time. On domestic fronts, you might receive upsetting news from extended family. You may get a headache, avoid having a lengthy screen time.

  • Lucky Colour- Grey
  • Lucky Number- 12
  • Remedy: Feed curd and rice to a Dog.

Number 9
Ganesha says work will be light. It is an excellent time to start a new venture or initiate an idea you have been thinking about. Your family will see you in high esteem today. Your day will go smooth and pleasant. You will find new opportunities. Invest in the stock market; there are high chances of gaining profits for you. On health grounds, take care of your health. You might catch the fever and also infect your family members. Your professional front will be filled with surprises today, keep your eyes open to upcoming signs. It is favorable to spend time with your partner or surprise them with a little gesture.

  • Lucky Colour- Pink
  • Lucky Number- 4
  • Remedy: Stay away from glass and fragile objects.

— By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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